It Got Better

Just to let you know, things improved after I got right with my medicine again. It was miraculous somewhat, but mainly chemical. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m addicted to my psychmeds and coffee, but these things make my life better so I won’t complain.

Yes, I’m a slave to modern medicine, but it has made so many fabulous things possible in my life that I won’t be a naysayer and will just be thankful for the journey that I’m on. I’m so thankful not to be scared to death of other humans, and I’ve found that my miniscule amount of clonazepam allows this to happen. 0.25 mg in the morning, honestly. I don’t abuse it. It’s much better than using alcohol daily in the morning, because that would make for a terrible day.

Also, I haven’t been drinking, and am so thankful about that. I think I’ve got the pandemic to thank for it, because there have not really been any social visits for awhile. Always look to the bright side of life, as they say. It does actually work.

Changing my thinking along with observing my therapeutic medication regimen has also helped greatly. When I called this blog, “Wake Up With Susie,” it was because I had meant to do exactly that, to change my thinking and wake up to life. It really makes a difference to write down one’s thoughts, especially with everyone, if any one, reading your progress. Yes, this definitely helps. Thank you for reading, new friends, and for sharing your observations about life on Earth. There are many good things about living here, and I’m thankful to have found you all and not to go it alone.

I know that the trend is to get dramatically healed without drugs and share that, but my journey has been one with chemical supports. That is what I’ve got to share here. I thank the Lord above for these medicines, the excellent doctors who guide me, and for the progress of humanity to make things better for everyone. I’m going to focus on making things better for everyone by being as kind and polite as I can be, after years of calling pople out on well-intentioned behaviors. I know that we are all just doing our best to make sense of a very big world.

Thank you, dear ones, for reading, and may God bless your day.

#Hopeful #Optimistic #Thankful #Changes #Growing #Trusting #Faithful

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