3 Tacos

This evening my husband and I had an adventure. We rode in the car and picked up 3 tacos each. They were very yummy.

Because I had done my chores for the day, this fine dinner has been concluded by checking in on you all while I charge my Fitbit. How exciting to have read all of your stories and good news, and to have enjoyed your photographs. What a beautiful world!

Today I finished the book I had been reading on my e-reader, and charged it up as well. I know, energy for the week ahead. Not a bad reason to get up in the morning and engage with civilization. I think that’s still how we are describing ourselves in this current day and age.

Actually most people are quite nice, and all dogs go to heaven. Cats transcend space and time, of course.

Thankfully, it is a short week ahead, and I have faith in the future. I’m getting a haircut at the end of next week, and for this reason I will keep on living mindfully. Sometimes when one does take the time to think about it, one may see just how very blessed the days are, indeed.

#Ordinary #Extraordinary #Trust #Faith #Hope #Healing #BestWishes #Taco

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