Nature Watch

Today a bird flew into the front window on our house, and I was worried, but I feared to go outside and check it out, not knowing what I might find at the base of the window. About twenty minutes later, I did happen to see my Outdoor Cat walk over toward the mysterious potential tragedy, and still, I trusted Nature to handle the situation.

Earlier this morning, though, I watered my indoor plants, including my new bonsai, who shall remain nameless for a time. Perhaps the good intentions of watering houseplants will detract from the Outdoor Events that may or may not have occurred on this day.

My Peace Lily is starting out with a new flower, but I did a mean thing to my dog. The chewbone that I had collected from the dollar store, had many little plastic nubbins on it that my dog had been eating, to my chagrin. I was so worried about my doggie and the plastic bits, but she loved that chewbone! I use the past tense because I finally had a chance to hide away the dollar store chewbone, and I’m going to have to make sure that she does not get ahold of it again. Later in the day my doggie had been frantically searching her blankets at the edge of the bed, undoubtedly searching for her missing plastic toy.

The moral of these stories is, “You win some, you lose some.” I believe you might find that in other story collections as well. I’m counting on the Peace Lily to flower, as well as also for Bonsai to keep making oxygen for the home, along with her other friends.

#Longday #Nap #Doctors #Clinic #Hope #Healing #Trust #Chewey

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