Yes, my dear and most personal friends, I must let you know that the joy of my life, well, coffee, is being added to my list of what I am unaddicted to. I’ve managed to get through the hard part with few migraines, largely with the help of tea and very few ibuprofens. I’m drinking water like a champ. I think I might even exercise a bit before the debate tonight.

My poor little body did let me know when I had been drinking too much of the stuff. It was like 4 to 6 cups a day, well, a thermos-full. All of the sudden my body let me know that enough was enough, and that it could no longer tolerate my favorite beverage.

And so I have now embarked upon the trail of tea, until my body tells me that is no longer allowable, and I’m glad to be back on the tea track. I think I’ll become better friends with my niece, who also does love the stuff.

Right now I’m only addicted to a few things, and they are the medicines allotted to me for my various nervous and anxious conditions. Thank God that I don’t have pain. Thankfully I manage to have MS without pain, although I know that some do and my heart goes out for their relief. So painkillers have never been my problem, only anti-anxiety helpers. But I don’t drink or smoke, and that bodes well for my health insurance, so I can still work a full-time job. At least until the Great Unraveling of All Things Civil, which I hope does not erupt in this election year.

Praise the Lord I’m old enough to have learned that life does go on, but a part of me is still waiting for the End. I pray we all might be saved before that day, safe in the knowledge that we are loved. I think becoming unaddicted to coffee might help me through the End Times anyway, so it’s all going to be all right, and I’ll probably become less anxious in the Mean Times.

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3 thoughts on “Unaddicted

      1. They know so much more about MS these days. Our family friend some thirty years ago had it, my boss at work suffered bouts. My grandfather whom I never knew, had a mild version of it I believe.


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