New Tree

In this fabulous, amazing, good-for-you world, I bought a bonsai at the grocery store! Yep, this is modernity.

It’s a sweet lttle juniper in a stripey blue and beige toned pot, and I promise you that this is my new best friend. He/She has been enjoying its new home right atop a bookshelf in my bedroom, and it can look over at “Snake,” the snake plant that lives on a nearby shelf who has just now unceremoniously received the name, “Snake.”

I don’t know how to call my new bonsai yet, so I’ll just let her get acclimated. I did just decide that she is a girl, though, and that “Snake” is a boy, and that they are married. It’s sort of like my dog and my cat. Like my husband and me. We are all in love.

By the way, I’ve pinpointed my seasonal mental health tendencies, and I do believe that it is in the fall that I am okay, not depressed, glad, and thankful. Spring is right out, though. Every April I lose my mind. Well, not so much now that I’ve decided that I’m better, and know that I am. I think I’ve just grown out of it all, and take my medicine like a champ. Just think how well I’d do if I actually exercised and meditated with regularity, but right now I’m just blogging for mental health fitness.

If I were truly worth my salt, I’d accompany this post with a picture of the new tree that I adopted, but I honestly don’t care that much. She’s still a new little thing, and I don’t want to make her nervous. I must let you know that she, too, is a champ, because when I first brought her home, I did set her next to the old bonsai skeleton in the kitchen, while not really thinking. Maybe I did want her to know about my poor caretaking skills, or maybe it’s Halloween almost and I wanted to make her strong and brave. In any case, my remedy was to set her next to my other living plants, before I eventually moved her to her new home.

“New Tree Bonsai Lady Plant with No Official Name Yet” has already improved my life, and I’m so thankful for her presence. Even better, she lives on my bookshelf that also makes me so very happy. My little dog is asleep and we would have achieved perfect domestic bliss were it not that my husband is in the other room, probably enjoying the time apart. I love the fact that our house is alive, and that we all appreciate the beauty of life on Earth.

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