All of my Dreams…

Came true today at the DollarTree! I had been looking for some time to repeat a purchase I had made in the past of a glass teacup, which I had found of another one at a following visit. With both teacups being chipped currently, my search had repeatedly been in vain, and I thought that it would be that way forever. Today I saw the teacups! I bought two of them. It was a dream come true!

They also had googly eyes and velcro adhesive dots, so I bought some of them as well. A chew toy for my doggie rounded out the purchase, and I got some change back from my ten dollar bill that was burning a hole in my wallet.

My doggie does not understand the chew toy yet, so I think she’s just being difficult because I had given her a bath earlier. She looks so pretty now, so I do hope that she figures out the chew toy. I got a pink one and everything.

For a perfect day, my husband and I had visited our family after the dollar store visit, and then came home and ate leftovers for dinner. I am completing the evening with a cup of chai tea for spicy yumminess. Now I’ll do some reading along with my chores of changing the sheets on our bed. I hope I can get my husband not to go to sleep on the made up bed, because I really want to change the sheets right now.

But my dreams came true today with a simple discovery of teacups that are just so lovely and made of glass! In another life perhaps I had been a glassblower, but in this one I’m a dollar store seeker of treasure and bed maker-upper. Will he yield the comfort to allow me to complete my chore on a Saturday evening? We shall see. In any case, I’m still going to believe that it has been a perfect day.

#Teacup #Glass #Happy #Simple #Tea #Spices #Family #Dog

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