What a Relief!

I just want to thank all of you for reading these crazy musings of a nice, yet once conflicted old lady. Actually, writing these not profound passages has very much helped me to clear my mind, and also to learn how not to worry so much. Concentrating more on grammar and spelling than on the weight of the world, does a world of good to someone once so ill that such an undertaking would have been impossible.

This blog has also helped me to work out my childbearing anxieties, and now I truly believe that I’m okay to be childless, which is something I really did need to work out on my own to resolve the madness. It was not so bad, the past, but it was also quite terribly miserable and stultifying. It was hard for me to live in the world of social media, and just about anywhere with the self-debilitating fears of not being good enough.

Life is such a blessing! I can’t begin to explain how I was faithful yet despondent, but that was it. Thankfully it all worked out with the help of my meds and my not becoming a counselor, because that would have killed me with “compassion fatigue” and further fear-making. I can’t even say it’s diet or exercise, or tell you, dear reader, how to overcome mental illness, because that’s your business and your precious journey.

All that I can say today is that I live one day at a time, and try to do my best while trusting God above to do the rest. Life is so much better when you trust Him!

Today I drank no coffee, and only one cup of black tea, two glasses of green tea. I firmly believe in trusting wellness to phytochemicals and water, and our precious Lord who made this life-bearing Earth.

My prayers today, and every day, are for peace and safety, hope and faith. Always love.

#Faith #Hope #Love #Medicine #Healing #Word #Blessings

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