As someone who has lived with chronic depression for more than twenty-five years, I’m so thankful and blessed and relieved to finally be better. I think part of my recovery is because of my dog. If you also are chronically depressed, yet have never had a dog friend, maybe you could look into it. Cats are also quite wonderful, and beautiful, too.

Today at work I almost had to cry because of my frustration of the human condition, having discomfort and unease about my health, but I kept on keeping on. The day got better, and I did find myself with some smiles toward the end of it.

Although my #schizoaffective diagnosis, circa 1996, makes me wonder sometimes if maybe I’m just bipolar and on an upswing at times, I’m fairly certain that my illness is actually depression, but now I’m happy like how I never had been in the past. Again, perhaps it is the dog friend. It might also be my husband with whom I fight every day, because we live together.

Mainly, I’m thrilled to be alive now, and much less anxious because my beliefs have actualized. Ever so grateful, I can probably quit complaining now. I gave up another source of pleasure and joy and positivity, my darling coffee, liquid gold, and am back to a couple of cups of tea per day, instead of a thermos of coffee. I’m drinking much water, and probably making myself healthier with this particular magic regimen. Just call me Detox, and I will keep it up. Thus far, no migraines, and I’ve not been abusing my ibuprofen.

Sorry not to have been here for some time recently, but I think it was part of the detox along with a busy week. My dog and my cat and mainly my husband have been keeping me alive in the meantime. I confess, I love life. My Lord and my Savior promised me this sweetness of living waters, for sure.

#Health #Recovery #Patience #Faith #Hope #Love #Dogs #Cats #Beauty

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