Flu Shot

Well, I got my flu shot yesterday, as I had promised, but this was followed by intense anxiety! I worried that I had actually already done so and just forgotten, at one of my recent doctor visits. There were no adverse effects, and no magic flu or unseemly vomit, so I think that I’m okay. I can’t remember things very well, and my sister assured me that the drug store would definitely run it through the insurance before administering the shot, so it would be highly unlikely for it to be doubled up when promised as free.

It makes me wonder if my Lord and Savior does not just find me to be daft and ill-witted at times, and that I’ve got sympathy salvation or something. This also is highly unlikely, because I do find Him to be as great as the promises that one hears.

In any case, it has been a lovely day of church online, laundry, and my husband’s hot and sour soup. Our dog did not bite our friend who came to visit, but I did capture her inside while the boys sat outside, avoiding aerosol germs and entertaining our precious cat. My joy over the good day for the cat overshadows my dismay at my ill-mannered dog, but we all know how much I will always love her anyway. To tell the truth, she actually did cheer up in the morning when my husband and I were sharing our coffee and she was just so very happy. She shed an actual, quite real, and sincere tear that melted my heart entirely.

Although my past has been riddled with ill-health and questionable behavior, the domestic bliss of the present moment in these recent days is enough to allow me to continue to believe, to the eradication of my mental illness. I mean, the MS is still there, of course, but I do my best. Faith is the part of the equation that keeps me alive and walking, and feeding my pets. My very short dog approved of the altered feeding tray shelf that had been trimmed by my husband’s carpenter friend, and all of this makes for a very good day.

#Bliss #Hope #Faith #Cat #Dog #Recovery #Sobriety #Health #Promises #Vaccination

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