At the end of my work day yesterday, I collected one of the peppermints on the breakroom table, and ate its chalky goodness as I made my way home. Yes, it was indeed one of those chalky peppermints, rather than the traditional hard candy Starlight Mint, that’s really good, too, but not as good, to me.

Perhaps during this political season, we should just quit voicing our opinions on social media, and trust that each individual is able to think for his or her own self. I know that there are a lot of hot ticket items right now, and I’m doing my best to separate myself out of that, for the sake of my sanity. I know it’s selfish, but it’s how I choose to live.

I’m not entirely convinced that I’m not just a coward, that I’ve been running the risk of going to Hell, but still I persist in my trust of the Higher Power that is so incredibly up above it all that He provides really good peppermints for a working woman, just because He loves like that. I used to try to understand and figure out the Apocalypse, but then I got older, and took my meds as religiously as needed to hold a full-time job. Along with taking my meds comes the realization that God is so good that He can and does take care of it All.

I think that there should be separation of church and state, and that was one of the main reasons for our beloved country. I still have to go to work to buy food for my family and pets, and I wear my mask every day at work and when I go out. I pay taxes like a champ, and provide lots of work for the medical community, because they are really trying. I think we’re all really trying.

In these days of opinion sharing and freedom of speech, please go vote. Remember peace and love at all times, and try not to send anybody to Hell. It’s not a pleasant place, but we don’t know what it is really like, because we dwell on Earth. Hopefully we can toggle some things out, and I pray that we all survive, especially with our brains intact. It’s like space travel, man. My husband prefers that our collective humanity might bring us to live under the sea instead of space, so the plight of the sea turtle is part of my heart.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m too childish for existential questions, and that really I should have a peppermint instead of tackling the grown-up conversations. I don’t think the grown-ups are all that good at getting it right anyway. We all die at the end.

#Earth #Trials #Faith #Hope #Love #Future #Speculative #Fiction #Realities

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