Good News

Y’all! Today is going to be the very best day. I have already slept away the morning, and what a treat that was. Onward to go to my favorite shopping place, the drug store, and I cannot wait to go in and browse, buy at least one Christmas gift, get the rewards on my rewards card for that shopping, and to pick up my husband’s medicine out of the kindness of my heart. What this really means is that he won’t be waiting for me in the car, so I can enjoy the pharmacy, my favorite shop. I’ll be wearing my mask and not getting close to other shoppers, absolutely. Adventure morning! (Afternoon to the rest of the world. It’s 2 pm)

My other plans for the day involve exercise and diluted coffee drinking, perhaps making some tea as well. I know! Living the good life. Really though, it is the good life to be able to have a weekend like this, and I hope for the best for everybody reading as well. Next weekend I work on Saturday, so this is my moment, for sure. Going to do some laundry later today, too!

The good news is, of course, my appreciation for the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ, who makes all of this possible for me. He has kept me from further sickness or disability, and kept my husband healthy, too. What a God we serve! He loves us so very much, by living and dying and living again in our hearts through that Gospel message. If you want to learn more, you are so much invited to read His book, the Bible! That’s the best of it, that it’s for everyone. How thoughtful and kind!

In any case, with this morning’s errand running enthusiasm, I wish you all the very best for this day and every day, with blessings of peace and love. I pray that no meanies get on your case, and that stress won’t get you down. I hope for a lovely Saturday for all of us, united in our love for human beings that share the planet with our green and furry and scaly friends. Plant a garden if you can, and then tell me about it, because my gardening skills are lacking right now. I will be so happy for you all with your creativity and hopefulness for the future, and I pray that your positive attitude might be kindled by the smiles of your neighbors. God Bless!

#Peace #Love #Pharmacy #Autumn #Hope #Future #Present #Peace

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