Greek Yogurt

How I do love thee, Greek yogurt. I did a thing this morning, when my Cheerios wore out and I needed more protein. I had Greek yogurt with turmeric powder and wild Maine blueberries and cinnamon, and it was delicious, even though strong turmeric flavor does wear me out sometimes. I’m thinking that the nutritional benefits of this concoction are enough to keep me alive and healthy, on this fine Labor Day.

Also, this morning, I remembered about the dog from Greek mythology that bars the entrance to Hades, to keep the dead from leaving. I know, right? I had a little Internet help, even some Wikipedia tutelage, to conjure up the word, “Cerberus.” I figure this knowledge might come in handy, and that truly I need to learn tales of Greek mythology to go along with my yogurt consumption.

I think it might be nice to have classes on folktales and mythology for kids coming up in the world, instead of waiting until college when it is already too late to take the lessons.

In any case, my sweet doggie bit our visiting friend on the ankle, leaving a mark, but no blood. She only wants my husband and me to be at our home, and is always on guard. Not leash trained, but exceptionally affectionate, to only the two of us. She is wary of her sister, our cat, but has learned to stop barking at her for enjoying our front yard.

Thankfully she is not a three-headed dog, and her disposition is tempered by her gratefulness and love of the food we give her. I do think that the whole world is best explained by dogs and cats, although all of the animals are welcome here, in my brain. I’ll keep you posted also on my turmeric consumption, and will pray that I get through the giant tub of powdered turmeric. I trust that human bodies are meant for healing and recovery, and that the human adventure is a lovely one.

Take care!

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