Good Kind of Sorrow

My heart is somewhat broken about the most trivial of matters, but it is a good kind of sorrow, because it just may lead to a happy ending.

Okay, so I ordered a teapot online, because that is what you do when given a gift card. Seriously, it was even a reward for a job well done. Who wouldn’t have ordered a commemorative teapot?

I just got the message a few minutes ago that this lovely teapot is no longer available and that I should go suck eggs. The teapot will never be mine! I didn’t want that sorry old teapot anyway.

If all goes well, I might be able to try again. At this point, it is so sad that it just has to turn good, right?

I reject thee, material world, and I will just keep on making my own tea in my regular teapot, commemorative or not. It is all about the tea, and good health!

#Positive #Optimism #Tea #Nature #Plants #Earth #Hope #Later!

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