Ode to Medicine

Please forgive me that yesterday I seemed somewhat skeptical of medicine, doubting the really great advantages of the arts of healing. Today I edited my own thoughts and took out those quotation marks that I put around the word, “medicine,” and replaced them with a better and more appreciative attitude.

Where would I be were it not for my pills and capsules, injections and doctor visits that make me feel human? I’ll tell you that I would be on skid row somewhere, if there were such a place, crying and who knows what else. Psychiatry has afforded me my sanity, and neuroscience has kept me walking and able, despite occasional MS discomfort and headaches.

What else would I read about, were I not so obsessed with a magic cure and a better medicine with fewer side effects? I hope that it is not true that I cannot remember how badly I had felt in the throes of my various illnesses, because I do, and my newfound happiness and actual coping is bringing it all together with the lesson that I love my life. I do indeed.

Thankfully my miraculous healing is coupled with a faith that really can’t be shaken, and I believe that confidence is what makes it all work. There is also coffee, that I’ve cut back on, but decided not to quit, because it is my one funtivity.

#Healing #Changes #Help #Health #Faith #Grace #Mercy #BetterDays

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