Thursday is my favorite day. Thursday night is the best, because I can stay up late, but not too late.

My forest dog has already let me know that the sun has gone down for some time now already, and that it is clearly sleeping time. She is already asleep.

Sometimes I get very, very frustrated with my MS. This has been one of those times for the past few weeks. I have to remind myself that there is no cure, and that I just need to manage my current symptoms. I get so tired of hearing about folks who have “cured” their MS, because it’s all kind of the luck of the draw. I mean, you can help your body do its best to heal, but seriously that’s about it. The medicines help, but now they’ve bombarded us with so many selections of “medicines,” that once again, it’s luck of the draw. Prayer is the only reliable cure for this sickness, and I mean it scientifically.

On the other hand, by improving my negative attitude and crankiness, I’ve done my part to help myself out. I’m annoyed by my MS, but I choose to still be happy and to love the Lord. I choose to write on this ridiculous blog while I charge my Fitbit, and I’m really not asking for much. It’s a test of writing complete sentences and getting to bed on time. It’s time to heed the guidance of the Forest Dog, who knows much more than I, and loves with all of her little dog heart.

The Outdoor Cat knows how to sleep in the daytime and get food when it’s ready. She’s a loving human friend, and keeps to herself, so please don’t try to pick her up. She loves pets, though, and there’s a new cat across the street with whom she is making territorial claims. She knows where her catfood is.

Thank you, Beautiful Earth, for all of my fine friends with paws and claws. Thank you, God Above, who heals and does love. Life is a blessing of sorts. It can be annoying, for sure.

#AlwaysPeace #Kindness #Goodness #Gentleness #Faithfulness #Temperance #AllThemFruits

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