New Life Strategy

Guess what, amigos, I have gotten a new meditation app for my phone, and it is like a new life strategy! It has ambient sounds and lessons, and well, hours and hours of fun-filled meditation games for a party animal like myself. Woot! Living the Meditation Life is my new life strategy, and after one week of living it, I would say that it works! Yeah, convincing.

In the past, I’ve regularly meditated, off and on, knowing that it is one of the very best things in the world that I can do for my mind, but I had gotten way out of practice lately before the revolution of finding this new app. The app is “Medito” and it is totally free, sponsored by the support of other meditators, you know, like how church or public radio works.

I must confess that I’m obviously not a hard-core meditator, but when the habit takes over, things improve in my addled brain. Honestly, I forget fewer things, and sleep better. For a free practice that is largely self-taught, it is quite beneficial.

My Mom always edits me and talks up prayer when I try to tell her about the benefits of meditation for my brain health, and it ironically turns into a fight most times we talk about it. Actually, when I finally came up with a reasonable argument based on “Centering Prayer” for my position on the matter, things finally improved and we came to understand one another, in harmony and peace.

This is the lesson for the world at large: please do sit quietly with regularity, and be sweet to people when you can. I hope that we might all learn to keep our mouths shut except when speaking pleasantly in affirming ways, and especially that we might remember this as we mask up to observe good hygiene. Because there is an election coming up, maybe we can all meditate regularly, and/or pray. I’m sure the Higher Power might appreciate this effort.

Thank you kindly for reading today. Please forgive a few days off, but you know, I was meditating. Twenty humble minutes at the end of every day (for five days.)

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