Take It Easy

Dear Friends, I must admit that it has taken me forty-plus years to realize and recognize that I ought not be so hard on myself, and that life is a precious experience that really should not scare the living shit out of me daily. Granted, I do take medicines to help me with this, but please let me just share with you two ways in which I have learned to ease up.

1. I make my coffee a little less intensely. Easing up the proportions of coffee and water in my daily dose gives my body an easier time and I still get the benefits that coffee does provide. While wakefulness is not always my top priority, as sleeping is beneficial, my lower dose of liquid gold is enough to spark motivation, but without intense over-stimulation. Yay!

2. My exercise routine has shifted somewhat because right now I only do HIIT with the Treadmill for seventeen minutes instead of thirty, and I don’t feel as if I must collapse upon completion of thirty minutes of exercise. And simple hand-weight exercises are good, too.

There are many more ways that I have eased up, and if you are a devoted go-getter, please keep getting things done. The rest of the world will continue to thank you, I hope. But my new adherance to the “less is more” cause is working for this little pilgrim.

Oh yeah, also, I don’t smoke or drink. Really coffee is my primary recreational substance. And, truth be told, I feel SO MUCH better for living the Abstention Way. I also try to keep hydrated with filtered water, in a reusable container.

Maybe we can all live this way, and just get along! I know my man, Jesu, would back me in this, for sure. I love my “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” I love life and friendship. God is Real and Good!

Be safe, wash your hands, don’t handshake with anybody, make that you are a Space Pilgrim, and please do promote peace, as well as cleaniliness and good health. Please keep a good immune system to keep yourself strong, and really, you can totally look that up in books and on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to study, my friends!

With love and affection, Susan.

#Peace #Exercise #Faith #Hope #OneLove #OneHeart #OneEarth #Future

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