Thankfully, it is Wednesday, and I believe that I can make it to Friday. This weekend isn’t a working one, so I can relax and do self-care chores.

My doggie was sick yesterday! It was very scary, and she threw up all over our favorite chairs, but we are so glad that she is okay and barking incessantly again, because she is our little love angel. My Mom had some good ideas about how to clean the chairs, and I do feel as if there is hope for our living room. At least our little girl is okay!

I had been somewhat sick, too, with MS complications that have been going on for some time, but I think are improving. Actually, I think my doggie and myself must have gotten a touch of food poisoning, so i’m so glad that we both survived. I know, pretty good for someone who was once interminably suicidal. Yeah, I think I’ve managed to shake that off, and have noticed much less rumination when I am more concerned with the self-care and writing this blog for the benefit of those who also suffer. Yay, community of believers.

And what do we believe? That life is good and that there is hope for tomorrow. Well, that’s what I believe. I exercised for seventeen minutes this evening, ate a good dinner, and might as well meditate for a bit, too. I’ll conclude this day with a prayer of thanks to my Lord and Savior with a Spirit of Love and Mercy.

Thank you for reading, amigos. May you be blessed as well with peace of mind and heart.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday

    1. Hey there! My dog is back to her regular ways, and I’m ok, too. MS is a journey, and some days are better than others! I’m still walking, so that’s pretty good. Thanks for your concern. Means a lot, and really helps! Please stay blessed!

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