Picture Books

I know that really sophisticated folks in my age bracket like to read books: novels, non-fiction, even cookbooks and stuff. I myself like to read books, especially fiction bestsellers and romances, but to be honest, what I really, really love are children’s books. In particular, I love “Picture Books.” That’s how the library classifies those tomes of beautiful illustration, and of often beautifully rhyming or just plain poetic words that sound lovely in our beautiful language.

Did I forget to mention the artwork? It’s amazing what a printing house can do with beautiful colors and lovely design. We are so blessed to be living in our current day and age, when the capacity for artistic production and reproduction is such that almost anything is possible. Photo-realism or just plain harmonious design makes me glad to be human, with a rainbow of colors in which to delight.

Interestingly, on a side note, I must speak to the beauty of grey tones, and how an old teaher of mine was color-blind, but could paint like a dream. Being a hard-core rainbow lover myself, I was always so sympathetic for someone with such a near-perfect artistic eye, who did not see rainbows or color with the distinction that I am blessed to partake of whenever I open my eyes. On the other hand, having that black and white solidity probably kept his artwork fine without going over into rainbow overdrive, where I can often find myself with a pack of magic markers. I know, fifth grade. You should have seen my sticker collection back in the day!

In any case, I firmly believe that our collective future lies in picture books, and that is how we might learn to read and study, design and celebrate life. A book for a child is the loveliest thing, and all schools need libraries, as well as every community. Please remember this, dear readers, and don’t forget to fund them even in this overdone age. Just because now everything is overdone, it does not mean that the elegant simplicity of reading a book to a child is not one of the most important things in the world necessary to ensure the future.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that you all agree! Please stay blessed, friends.

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