Rat Dog, or Mysterious Bones

Please remember that our little Terrier was found alone at a campsite in the woods, with no people of her very own. How long she had survived on her own will always be a mystery, but her ways do exhibit her wild origins in the forest.

For instance, she always wants food, and always wants to eat what her people are eating. Sometimes she just eats whatever she does find on the floor at our house, and sometimes that may or may not be food. Today she was chewing on something rather extravagantly, and although my husband and I did try to get the mysterious substance from her mouth, she would not yield, and her teeth are very sharp. We all know it is dangerous to try to take food from a doggie’s mouth, especially while she is enjoying it.

And so she was cruching and chewing for a very long time apart from one of our human meals, where she does sometimes get samples, but we could not figure out what she possibly could be eating. After some time of our demanding answers from the little dog who cannot talk, she actually started to choke a little, and we were so scared and worried! This went on for a bit, and we thought that we may have to take her to the pet hospital, veterinarian emergency room in town. My super-smart husband devised a trick that saved her, though, and righted her retching noises, oddly with more food. He had the genius idea of giving her a little bit of cold hamburger, to correct whatever chewing issue was going on. Thankfully it worked, and she stopped the horrible noises, finding herself content with a hamburger snack.

Recently we had found some mysterious little, bird-like bones on our couch, and we thought that was what she had been eating. We’ll never know, just like we’ll never know what she ate when she was alone in the woods with no campers and chips around. All we know, is that our little dog is a miracle dog, and she pulled through, yet again, today.

#ThankGoodness #PTL #GoodGirl #CatUnaffected #LoveDog

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