Two Days

Our workplace at my job was struggling with a terrible HVAC problem. It was so miserable and hot, despite the fans that saved us. Today was the second day of the big fix, and I was granted off, in light of my MS and heat and accumulated vacation time.

So tomorrow I go back, and it is Friday! I think I can make it through. Of course, I’m so anxious of going back that I cannot sleep. I do understand that it’s all in my head, and aggravated by that coffee I had too late in the day. I know, one must think ahead, but I had started a headache, as I’ve been trying to cut back on the coffee and I’m addicted.

Addiction maketh me crazy. I had been doing so well at not even imbibing of anything, and then the coffee beast took over, and it can be so fine. I had a little bit of going out and drinking wine with a friend problem, really because I hated to see her drink alone, and nobody else in the group would join in. I know. They were smart. It did not help me out to join in. The Virus really helped to get that under control, because we could not really go out, and I’m still too scared to do so.

Please help me to remember that Our Lord did not give us a “Spirit of Fear,” or “Timidity.” Thanks. That helped, and I do think that now I can go to sleep. Please pray for my guts, because the unsettling lately is driving me crazy.

And I will pray for You! That you may find Peace, and temperate environments in which to dwell. I wish you relief from feeling alone or sad, and more importantly, wish you Joy for Living. Thank you for reading today, and please, dear friends, stay blessed! Life is but a dream, and I wish you ongoing Freedom from Stress.

#Prayer #Meditation #Dogs #Cats #Plants #Faith #Hope #Love #Peace

Also, I hope that you like my new representation of a Vulcan Greeting in my little picture that pops up when I “like” stuff. I think it’s really cool. My husband thinks I’m a nerd. In any case, please “Live Long and Prosper.” It’s a beautiful life, this one we’ve got. Take care!

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