Moving Forward

Oh my goodness, I was so worried today that my last post may have been too morose for the light of heart, but then I got over it. My day improved once I realized that maybe someone needed my voice as it was that day, on this day. The nice thing about hoping for the best, is that generally better happens. I always get over it, and am really just one out of many human beings. We all struggle, and we all have good times, and life is but a dream.

When I was a kid, the saying about life as being “but a dream,” always sounded to me like, “Butter Dream.” I thought that this was the best, because butter is so delicious, you know, and my favorite. Ah, to be a grown-up now, and now I live as a fully-fledged adult who watches her diet. I would say that the dream of life does indeed still involve butter and pastries and toast.

I finished a book today, did my chores, and it’s almost dark so it is almost over. While it may be that life is super-exciting and wonderful for the cool kids, in my book it need only be rewarded by sleep. Actually, having been an insomniac before the psych medicines, I do know how precious that a little bit of sleep can be. Think of all of our dear friends who are working so hard on night shifts and super-late schedules, and let us all pray that they be blessed with clarity and eventual rest.

I just generally pray for peace on Earth, and that do I wish for all of you who may be reading. Twinkle, twinkle, beautiful stars, because life is a buttered corn-on-the-cob kind of dream.

#Peace #Faith #Hope #Optimism #Changes #Future

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