My Twenties

My twenties were kind of an awful time for me, despite the illusion of popularity that led to madness. Really, if you are shy as all get out, having fifty million acquaintances who called you by a nickname (I know, lame), then you should probably just go home. That is what I did, but the ongoing depression stayed with me well into my mid-forties. It is only just now that I’m a normal human being. And Praise the Lord for that! I am thankful for every normal day that I have, and know that it is the working of a heavenly grace that gives me those normal days.

I think that this may all hinge upon the fact that now I have a dog. This is my first dog, despite my dear cat friends (2 of them) that blessed my life with their presence. I must admit that the cats are so everlastingly beautiful, but my dog is so cute that I really can’t stand it.

And there would be no dog were it not for the fact that I’ve been married for fourteen years, and my husband brought me home a dog one day. Currently our dog is asleep, and she does snore, which is adorable.

But yeah, my twenties. Hard-core drinker like any good college student, and what is up with that madness, if I may ask? Thankfully, not everybody ends up an alcoholic just for going to college, but that’s what did me in. I could not do both, study and drink, write and sleep, without having the good stuff, like my brain, go by the wayside. Oh yeah, it did allow me to talk with people, but now I can do that on my own, now that I have shaken off that terribly low self-esteem, which I knew full well was unnecessary, but could not be tempered alone through sheer force of will.

I am saved now because I trust in the Lord, and accept His promises as being true, and am certain that they are because I have seen rock-bottom (a few times) and don’t want to hang out there full- time, actually. I tried to drink in moderation because of a friend, but the recent social isolation has allowed me to give that up. I have never felt better, and I’ve gotten a water bottle with a filter that keeps me occupied, hydrated and healthy, like a good bottle should.

Maybe someone will read this and shake off their addictions, or maybe not, but all is well. I trust that we all can be happy and healthy and get along together. The twenties don’t last forever for anyone, and we can all trust the artists to make the music to keep us going.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for prolonging my life despite insurrection, rebellion, brain damage and chaos, and for giving me good books to read, particularly that one Good Book, that is a library, after all.

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