Good Enough

While I had once been an OverAchiever, Super Kid at School, I’ve decided to shake that off and to accept and celebrate that sometimes things just need to be Good Enough. I’m not saying to give up on oneself, but I’ve had struggles and successes that have led me to believe that it’s the simple things in life where true success lies.

These are my victories. 1) I don’t drink alcohol except on very rare occasions. I also don’t judge people who do. 2) Frankly, I don’t generally judge people anyway. I know it’s not my place to do so, and I try to help out when I can, but only to a “Good Enough” parameter of support. Really this just means that I’m kind when I can be, yet with limitations of closeness, with boundaries. 3) I don’t generally compare myself to others, and I try to be glad for everyone’s success, offering enthusiastic praise when I can.

You know, I really got tired of enumerating my victories just then, and I surely don’t mean to brag. Perhaps I should explore my new life strategy of “Good Enough” with this in mind, that we are all just trying to get by and stay healthy. Seriously, the pandemic has put this all in perspective, as we sanitize and wash our hands and not hug. Praise Jesus we don’t have to hug so much anymore. I really don’t enjoy hugging people, even if they are my family or close friend. It doesn’t mean I don’t like people, but it’s good enough just to smile and say, “Hey,” you know. It really is.

The moral of my story today is to just listen to music, look at pretty pictures, make art, stop caring excessively, be content with what is simple, and to love our Lord and Savior who keeps an eye on us all, and blesses our Hearts. I’d say that really just may be the meaning of life, to “Bless Our Hearts” collectively, while also from a distance. Help out when you can. It should be Good Enough.

Thank you for reading, amigos. Be Sweet, Be Safe, and Wash Up.

#Peace #Tranquility #Meditation #Coffee #Honeybees #RainForest #Dogs #Cats

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