Coffee at 10:30 AM

Good morning, blogging universe! I have enjoyed all of your posts that I caught up with this morning, and yes, it is still morning at 10:30 AM! What a blessing is this day.

My observation for today is that my coffee is part of my anti-depressant therapy, and I do trust the anti-oxidants within my coffee for additional good health well-being. Actually, it is most likely true that I read too many of the health blurbs and Internet articles online, and take it all to heart without remembering the reasons why I should do so. With no health-care degree or anything, I’m just a positive hopefulness health enthusiast, who really has no scientific basis for her health assertions. Please remember that when reading my inspirational? words before heeding any of my observations lacking in wisdom.

But yes! I am a Good Health Enthusiast! Seriously, after years of crippling depression that I’ve finally got under control, there is this new positive attitude. So, releasing my inner dismay and moving to this new world of positive thinking is how I’m moving forward. I hope that we can all join together and sing Kumbaya and stuff. From six feet apart, and with masks on, undoubtedly.

The “New Normal” is contributing to my new positive attitude, however, as I realize what a precious gift this life is. I trust that humanity will proceed, and we can all keep on working on the task of making this world a better place. Seriously, now that I’ve had my coffee, I can get on with my chores. There’s a lot of work to do, but I guess you may just find me “Whistling While I Work.” Trust me, the inner snark rejects this as much as you do, dear reader, but I’m going to give the positive outlook an ongoing trial run. Wish me luck!

#Positive #Hopeful #Forward #Coffee #Blessings #Peace

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