Cat-Sized Dog

My little dog is a sweetheart, but only to my husband and me. She goes crazy if it is that I enter or exit through our front-door, and especially gets upset if I answer a knock at the door. If the door is actually opened, I have to be super careful that she does not run out, because then she takes forever to come back, and her street skills might not be all that great, in our observation of her past escapes.

A super nice lady knocked on the door today, and I managed to talk to her for a bit, as she was of course selling something. Yes, there most likely might be a return of door-to-door salespeople, or maybe I just live in suburbia. Who knows. Thank goodness we’ve got one of those storm doors to save the dog, and I’m really good at maneuvering around her Escape Efforts. We would so much hate to lose her, our four-legged baby.

This is the story of our home: we have an indoor cat-sized dog, and an outdoor cat. It’s all messed up like that. Our dog refuses to gain leash skills, and even her observations of neighbors walking by with dogs on leashes does not persuade her to give it a try. Ever.

But would she not love to go for a walk with her Mommy, so that we could both take exercise? Of course it would be the best, and it is still my dream. Unfortunately my strong-willed Mother insists that I should be able to get the dog to obey the Leash, but I try to help her understand our unusual dog situation, and cannot explain it. Our cat-sized dog has a very big heart, but she will bite you if you make her mad, and she does like to bark her head off at visitors. It may not yet be a civilized world, but I know my dog will protect me from Vitamin Sellers, and most definitely the postman.

#Dog #LeashSkills #Cat #FreeBird #TeaPot

I recived a new ceramic tea pot in the mail today, and it was slightly broken, but my husband super glued it back to sufficiency. Maybe he can glue our dog.

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