You guys are the best for kindly letting my last post go without finding me too weird to give up on entirely. I know. Let’s never speak of it again.

Actually, burying things so deep inside that they can never bother you again can be a useful strategy for living life. Now, therapy is great, but it’s also good sometimes just to think of some other things and let it go. Granted, I’m not a therapist and more like a misdirected psychology student who is not really very helpful to others.

Moving on, how about that wonderful and fantastic phenomenon of life! It is meet and right to be alive and to love the one you’re with. My coping strategy is to keep positive and stay healthy, by keeping positive and staying healthy. Having a dog helps, as does being supervised by a cat.

Social media is right out, but here I am. Thank you for reading my posts and not entirely giving up with the incessant rumination here. Maybe tomorrow there will be some insight into how absolutely wonderful life might be, or maybe some story about my pets, plants, and husband. My intention for this blog was to be inspirational, but maybe it’s just to connect with other humans in peaceful way.

Let’s all be good and enjoy the coffee! Life is a blessed mystery, and I’m glad to be here with all of you in the universe who like dogs and cats and plants. Modernity is great, because of all the books.

Keep it real, friends!

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