Oh, woe is I

Dear friends, we had a terrible, horrible, very stormy rainstorm on last Thursday, and we lost power at our house. This was fine until we found that we had lost our Internet connection, and it had been gone until the fix just this afternoon! Sorry about my blog posting delinquency, but it really was the bad connection that did me in.

Fortunately, this did make me read a book on Sunday, and I really did enjoy it! The book that I had read was Other People’s Worlds by William Trevor. It’s from 1988, which I do remember as having been a good year, but I had only been in the ninth or tenth grade at that point in my life, so I would not have been the literary sophisticate that I am now, to have enjoyed reading it then. Also, I would have been lacking in lifetime experience points, so it also would have been beyond my scope of comprehension as a complex human creature. I do so love being an adult grown-up.

Also, prior to the reading festival on Sunday, I had just finished my very first Stephen King novel! I did enjoy it, and the plot very nearly addressed my past psychotic episode that sent my life to the Totally Haywire! What a stroke of luck, to have found The Institute on the New Book Shelf at the library, and to let it be such a significant read for me, as a seasoned adult grown-up.

This is the correlation: when I was twenty-one or so, I went a little crazy with some delusional thinking, and I honestly did believe that I was certainly psychically linked with seven other tarty females, whose task it was to usher in the second-coming of our Lord and Savior, JC. The delusion is so ludicrous to me now, thinking as if I had been part of a seven-hilled Whore of Babylon construct, mainly because I felt guilty at having squandered my premarital chastity as a co-ed college student. Of course I did not look up the pivotal passages in the Book of Revelation, because, well, I had not been a very good college student, (drop-out) and too frequently inebriated to understand much of anything in my immaturity. The correlation with The Institute is just that of psychic kids saving the world, of which I so modestly, likewise, had considered myself to be a part .

The moral of this story is, if things start to get delusional, do seek guidance, and let somebody ahold of their wits try to help you out. Don’t be feeling guilty about perfectly natural things, and get some #psychmeds, if necessary. As if this had all transpired so elegantly. It absolutely did not, and I surely suffered. Never try to “lean on one’s own understanding” (See Proverbs) in pretty much any context. I guess that’s one of the lessons of being an adult grown-up.

Not forgetting the lesson of William Trevor revealed to me on Sunday, other people’s worlds can be quite complex, and some folks get crazy at times. Please heed my warning and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, and have enough sense about you to sober up when necessary. Life is so much better then, when you do!

#Cray-cray #GoodReading #BadConnection #Everything’s okay now

Also, please read Woe Is I, by Patricia O’Conner, as you all engage upon this blog-making. 😉

4 thoughts on “Oh, woe is I

    1. Thank you for bearing with me on that one. I’m glad to have made it out also! Thanks for reading, and for your kind comment. Take care! I’ve been enjoying the Alien Resort! 🙂


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