Long Week!

While I just finished working a really long work week (for me), I feel energized and am doing my Sunday laundry. I know, the wonders never cease. Actually I love my super-boring life, and right now I’m just so glad to be healthy and to be muddling through these perilous times.

My poison ivy appears finally to be healed, but I do hate to jinx myself, so I’ll keep up with the cleaning, and even though I want to pull down some vines, I promise not to go near them without gloves. Have been enjoying wearing surgical gloves and my masks at my job, and am very much trusting that cleanliness is next to Godliness and Lysol is my friend. Not going to freak out about all of this, and will continue to pray.

Listened to a great sermon today about Peace, and feel energized to live peacefully in the days ahead. As an ever-growing older person, I’m learning to cherish peace more and more. I try to promote it as best I can with others, and I do try not to cause strife. Peace is indeed quite the blessing, and I do wish it for everyone.

Granted, I take a superlow dose of anti-anxiety medicine, but dude, I had been hopelessly suffering for so many years and I do have a challenging brain disease. Hopefully I will still be able to work for enough time to stay alive, and to do a good job in service to my friends. Actually, I’ve got dr. checkups this week, and I hope that we’ll all have good reports. I love my health care team, and all the fine workers getting through this so professionally. God bless ’em. Quite indeed. We are all indebted to our science friends right now, and thank goodness for the discipline.

Well, let me go wash my hands. Please stay safe everyone.

#Faith #Hope #Love #Peace #Sanitizers #Mouthwash #Soap #Bravery #Courage

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