Soul Grabber

My dog has twice torn the squeaky part out of her stuffed animal friends, and I do believe that she has ripped the soul out of the squirrel and the frog, as well as the stuffing. I think she takes it quite personally when her toys make noise, and that she feels she must defeat them.

Then again, imagine being a wild Terrier acting like a house cat, and only being amused by human food. Actually she does enjoy her human friends, my husband and me, as she does round us up for bedtime very enthusiastically every night. She is happiest when we are all three together, best of friends.

Speaking of which, ever since she has been our dog, I have had one dream of affection that has recently come true. I really just wanted to place my nose on her doggie nose, you know like how best friends do (in my imagination of peace on Earth), but this dream may not have been ever realized in this lifetime. I kept trying, and in a moment of peace on Earth, it finally happened! Usually she ends up just licking my face, but this time we were nose to nose in perfect harmony. It might not ever happen again, but at least now I know that it is possible.

And we are best friends. Forever.

#Dog #Harmony #Peace #Trust #Friendship

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