Beautiful World

Dear Friends, let us not forget, that it is still a very, very beautiful world that we inhabit together. While there is so much that detracts from this, let us please use our eyes, and hearts and minds to keep it beautiful in a an everlasting way. Our precious Lord did make it fine for us, so please let us keep it real.

A very cool thing has happened because of my #psychmeds that I constantly deride, and that is this, I pretty much stay happy and peaceful. It is so not nice to be ugly of spirit, especially when we have been blessed with such lovely and developing souls. I pray that all of the hateful folks get over themselves (selfish) and learn to love. Love is what makes it all work here on Earth, and what a precious emotion to cherish.

Thank you all for reading and following me and giving me the inclination to order my thoughts into paragraphs. It really does help my mental health to make positive declarations here. I wish you all the same, and I do so enjoy reading all of the fascinating perspectives of those that I follow thankfully.

As a follower of Jesus and faithful respecter of all faith, I come to this world thankful and glad, with the help of my generic Prozac. This might not be the way for everyone, but it does work for me. And at the end of the day, what matters is this: Faith, hope and love. Please let us remember that we live in a lovely place, and your neighbors are ever so lovely, too, and worth a smile. Please comfort and encourage and offer positive vibes whenever you can. It is just this one life that we have got.

Please stay blessed, precious souls! Happy Fourth. May the Fourth be with you!

#Faith #Hope #Love #Peace #Coffee #Plants #People #Dogs #Cats

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