So I’ve got the poison ivy affliction that is thankfully healing, but my fear of germs and virus does add to the fun. Actually, as someone who does experience much anxiety, I’m actually doing kind of okay during this weird pandemic time, washing my hands like a pro, wearing my mask. It is all quite disconcerting, though.

Thankfully there are books to read, and time limits on a Kindle, because you’ve occasionally got to charge the thing. Same is true of my laptop. It’s good for my eyes that I’m not overly straining them, with my poor vision keeping me more set about for diverisification of tasks during a day. It’s a constant reminder to keep moving, and to only do what is necessary, much as I enjoy sitting around and doing nothing. That’s not true, reading is definitely something. Everybody should do it for fun!

Now, social media does not really count as reading, but I do get sucked in quite frequently, but less so lately as letters keep getting smaller and smaller as I age. Thankfully books have large enough type to keep me happy, and I do try not to see the optometrist every five minutes. Yeah, that gets pricey in a bad way.

Speaking of which, I remember the days when there were no generic psych meds, and boy did I have to shell out some dough that I didn’t really have as a student. I mean, I took care of it with help from family, but it was so unsettling to see how much the medicine was costing to cure my poor manners. Nah, I was really schizoaffectively crazy thinking that everyone could hear what I was thinking. It was nice for a time that they made those pharmaceutical innnovations for mental health, but it was so cost-prohibitive, and folks would wonder why people weren’t getting mental health care? Anyway, now I’m addicted to my psych meds, but they work. “Chemical imbalance?” Spritual, psycho, social #Suffering

We have a messed up world, but I hope we can make improvements on quality of life for everyone. I cannot wait to vote soon, for obvious reasons. It’s so strange that so much of life is geared around making so many gentle humans uncomfortable. We’re all family here, and it is just the one race, after all, and that being HUMAN. Yes, I had to use the all caps. Waiting for the space alien invasion, but actually hoping it won’t happen like that. There are so many nice things about being human, nice eyeglasses being one of them.

#Music #Art #Love #Laughter #Hope #Faith #Peace

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