Boss Dog

Our dog runs our lives and is the boss of our home. I really know that is not how actually it is supposed to work in a human/pet relationship, but there it is.

At the same time, she will not learn how to use a leash so that we could go for walks. I mean, wouldn’t that be fun for everyone? Probably one day you might see me being led by my little dog, with the leash on me instead! It’s crazy with our boss dog.

Also, my poison ivy is healing, but I’m still pretty itchy. I’ve got some expired antihistamine that helps, and you know I won’t go buy any fresh medicine because it only expired in 2019 and does appear to work still.

The dog just ran away to bark at something, but she’ll come back. She’s a very good girl. I do not mind that she is my master, because I love her so much. My cat, though! She’s the best, and doesn’t bug anyone. She’s a very good girl, too. Pets are the best, and I always should have had a dog of my very own, and my cat makes it all better. What bliss!

#Pets #Dogs #Cats #Anxiety #Healing #Depression #Family #Home #Gratitude

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