Poison Ivy

I should have known better! Let’s just say that there was a LOT of ivy groing up on the side of our house, and for aesthetic reasons, I decided that it had to go.

Because it was kind of a hot day, I had on shorts and a t-shirt, and set out to accomplish my task. Not only did I rip down vines, but I had to untangle them from wires on the outside of the house. The process of doing this seemed okay to me, and certainly there was no pain involved. The irritation came later!

A few days later I started noticing red spots on my legs and on my arm. I would have been fine probably, had it not been for the application of bandages and creams. I started out with just the bandages, and then it started getting worse and worse, so I tried a generic, maximum-strength hydrocortisone cream, after the expiration date on the package.

Because I am so brilliant, and such a fine medic, I went to the drug store and got some new generic, medicated creams, and got to work. After going to my job for three days, bandaged up and creamed, I became aware I needed a real doctor! Thankfully, my fabulous family doctor took me in, and did not shriek at the sight of my legs, but kindly explained that I needed to lay off the creams and such. She called me in some medicine, too, and now I’m on the second day of my steroid treatment, and praying all the while.

The moral of this story is: don’t try to save your husband from a yard task by doing it yourself without proper supervision. It’s really quite embarrassing that I still need a babysitter for my own self, and I did get my big sister’s opinion on the matter, thinking that she was crazy for thinking I may need professional help. She was right, of course, and I’ll never go forth boldly in the yard again. Maybe.

#Scars #Professionals #Trust #Pharmacy #Bandages #Doctor #Hope #Pain! #Medicine

3 thoughts on “Poison Ivy

    1. Thank-you so very much for your photos of poison ivy, and for the lessons of your blog post! Great blog, by the way, and I appreciate your sympathy about my affliction. I think I’m okay now, thank goodness!

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