Leafy Greens

God be praised! After too many years of not eating enough leafy greens, my husband has finally changed his heart medicine, and we can eat them again! So, together, we are going to have a mess of collard greens today. My leafy friends are currently cooking, and it is relatively local produce, even, from the grocery store. I feel as if this may be heaven on earth.

Thankfully, my dog doesn’t try to get our greens, so I believe we are going to be okay. I opted against the bacon prep, so this is entirely vegetarian. Local onion, too, to start out, and my extra-virgin olive oil to realease the nutrients. A little molasses to cut the bitterness, and all kinds of vinegar.

I guess, as a woman in my forties, it is well and good for me to be talking about food. I’ve noticed that everybody else talks about what they’re cooking, so today I’ll join in. This is going to be so wonderful when we have our collard green feast!

Aside from that, things have been going well. I feel as if Juneteenth has been exceptionally wonderful this year, after all of the recent misery. Let us please move forward, all of us, and make this world a better place where nobody has mindless prejudice. It is good to eat plants, friends, and to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Wishing everybody peace and love, all over the world. Let us move forward to a bright and happy future, for everyone. Thank you for reading and following me, and may your days be happy.

#Peace #Greens #Produce #Gardens #Chlorophyll #Melanin #Love

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