Mi amigos

I’m trying to learn Spanish with Duolingo, and don’t know how well that it is working out. Am looking forward to the moment that it just comes to me. For all of you that know many languages, more power to you! I wish that we could all just enjoy this beautiful planet together, and I know that we do from day to day in many fabulous and unexpected ways.

I think that what we as humans love the most is food and water and peace. Not necessarily in that order, of course. Being not very well-travelled, it’s nice to just make new friends from anywhere, and to trust that the day is good.

Thankfully faith allows me to wake up and not be depressed anymore, and my medicine helps with that. It’s a blessing, and I do not take any day for granted. I pray that we all might learn peace and smiles and hope together. It is good to be alive.

Wishing you all many blessings, and thank you for visiting this spot where I learn to be happy. I have learned so much from all of you from all of your wonderous spots where you write these blogs.

#Peace #Hope #Faith #Smiles #Dogs #Cats #SpaceTravel

One thought on “Mi amigos

  1. Hey, learning any foreign language completely can be a little dificult at first, but I assure you it will be a wonderful experience. I felt the same way when I was learning French and though it seemed a little overwhelming at first, I eventually started enjoying it. With every word I learnt to pronounce right, I was excited to learn more! I wish you the same excitement as you sail through the new language, Bon Voyage! Also, I’m glad you feel less depressed nowadays, more power to you! đŸ™‚


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