Dried Lizard Snack

I know that I just recommended getting a dog for everybody, for universal happiness, but I really might need to take that back. This is a story of what my dog just did to make me change my mind. This also might reflect poorly upon my husband’s better judgment, but at least I’ve got a story to tell.

Recently there did appear on the floor in our house, a petrified dead lizard. Of course my dog found it first, and then we tricked her into abandoning it, and snatched it away. Problem solved, or so I thought!

Today my doggie decided to look around on the end table next to the loveseat, and she found something that she immediately started eating. Aware of her snacking habits, my husband and I knew something was up. Then my husband revealed, “Oh, I bet it’s that lizard.”

Mystified, I exclaimed, “You mean you just set that lizard on the end table and that was that?!”

He had no apologies or even bashfulness about what he had done, so I didn’t even need to apologize too much about my meanie exclamation. We managed to trick the dog with distraction again, and I picked up the very yucky lizard, and carried it all of the way to the kitchen trash can, where I finally disposed of it. I know I should have carried it outside, back to the Earth, but I just know that she would find it yet again, surely.

The question remains, who sets a dead petrified lizard on an end table when there is a ravenous, and curious, dog in one’s house? The answer, my friends, is my beloved husband, and thankfully the matter has been settled, and that is that. Our doggie can’t even really remember the incident, as she does seem to be busy now with other mischief. All I know is that I must not let the doggie kiss me tonight, and neither should my husband, much as she is the best doggie in the world.

#Dog #Lizard #Chewey #Snacks #GrosserThanGross #Icky #Nature

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