Get a dog

All of y’all need to get a dog. If you’ve never had one, it will make your life complete.

Even if you are an affirmed cat person, a dog still might change your life. I love cats, please don’t get me wrong, but we all know that cats are already grown-ups when you take them in.

Maybe I need a cat and a dog that haven’t been neutered, so i can make an adequate opinion on this matter of cats and dogs. Although I titled this post, “Get a dog,” maybe it should have just been “get a pet”. All I know is that it is good to take care of four-legged friends.

I wish that I had some fish, too, and let’s not forget sweet lizards and toads. Actually, i think that all of creation is quite lovely, and it is good to care in general. Life is such a precious miracle, it is so good to share it with other creatures made by God, who is good.

I’m too old to make a baby, and too well-medicated, but frankly, having a pet is the best. I love my plants very much, too, and care about them very much, but sometimes I’m not the best at taking care of my green babies.

In any case, I might urge you to love thy neighbor, and to see all of your neighbors all around.

#Peace #Love #Life #Hope #Future #SpaceTravel

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