Peaceful Reflection

Dear Friends,

You know, it is good to be kind. Because of the virus, work today involved not very much curbside pickup, so I took it easy in the company of my friend and coworker. We talked about relationships and marriage, not to each other, but I shared stories from friends in my life who have had remarkable stories. Basically every romance is a remarkable story, even though, sadly, we did note how many of these cases ended in divorce.

On the other hand, we concluded the day with my sharing that this December will mark fifteen years of marriage between my husband and me. I promised a party, so now I guess I’ve got to plan one. Well, I had wanted to do that anyway, and it seemed like the thing to do, to bring someone else in to celebrate such a monumental occasion.

So, hooray! I’ll be planning a crystal anniversary party! Thankfully it’s in December, so we can all sit around the fire pit, unless I can figure out a place to go, other than our house that I would have to clean, but that might be part of the celebration. You know, to get our shit together at a pivotal moment. Please excuse my language, but there really is no other way to say that with the same depth of meaning.

In any case, I have learned that being kind is the way to make a marriage work, even if I had been a meanie at times in the past, before I had learned this important marriage lesson. I’m going to get my husband a watch, made of crystal. Maybe he’ll get me a bowl or something! This is a landmark celebration ahead. No vows renewed, just truth of spirit.

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3 thoughts on “Peaceful Reflection

  1. Indeed, kindness and compassion goes a long way, when it comes to human relationships, and love is not an exception. Infact, love is incomplete without kindness, yet only a few get this point. I’m glad you and your husband believe this, and reaping its fruits now- congratulations for completing 15 years of your marriage! So happy for you guys. Stay happily together, always! ^_^ 😀

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