Thirsty Like Pojo

In the not too distant past, but so long ago that I can hardly remember the time, my husband and I were visited by a good-lookin’ dog in our neighborhood. We have since moved, and honestly, we didn’t see much of this dog after the time that will be recounted here, for the posterity of a very good dog, but the memory has stayed with us fondly.

Obviously my husabnd and I referred to the dog as Pojo, and we loved him or her. Very much! He or she hung around for a few days, all golden and beautiful.

One day in our illustrious history of friendship with Pojo, he or she let us pet him or her. Feeling generous of spirit, we felt that this doggie seemingly without a home must have needed some water. Lo and behold, we happened to have at this time in our yard, a bucket. Also an exterior faucet, don’t you know it.

We filled up the bucket with water, and offered it to our new doggie friend. Pojo drank that water up like there was no tomorrow! He or she must have been very thirsty, and I wanted to keep Pojo forever, but we knew that dog had a home, but just got out and maybe lost or adventurous.

Keep in mind, as you go out on your adventures, to take a little bottle of water with you, as a human. You just may need it, or you may meet another stranger who us thirsty, like Pojo. Now if you are truly a kind-hearted adventuresome soul, I guess you might need more like a jug in lieu of a bucket on hand.

Life is for adventures, and we do meet the kindest of folk along the way. Please stay blessed, travellers!

#Dogs #Need #Water #Waterkeepers

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