Still May

Because it is still May and mental health is the topic at hand, I just want to share my gratitude and devotion to psych for my treatment and care. I have experienced so many generous and hopeful souls that have helped me along the way, and still do. Yes, this has been going on for a long time, but things are getting better, for sure.

I totally abuse caffeine, so why should I even complain about a psychmed that is helping me. My sensation of thought broadcasting is thankfully held at bay by my meds that actually work. It is just incredibly frustrating that it is so hard to find the meds that work. I’m glad that there are so many scientists working on these questions, and that all of us little guinea pigs are hanging in there. Seriously, I think I’ve donated myself to science, but that is not a bad thing when I am able to live a lovely life because of it, and maybe my results have helped somebody else. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

My anxiety really was crippling, and my 0.25 mg of klonopin make me feel so much better, and keep my husband happy with fewer arguments. I know, y’all must think I’m the most disagreeable person, but I kind of am when I don’t take my meds. I mean the depression, it tore out my very soul, but gave it back to me when my prayers were answered with the help of psych meds. Granted, part of me really wants to be holistic girl, but one can only do what one can. I eat organic food when I can, and commit myself to being kind. I beieve that is the important thing, really, to play well with others.

Now my MS, that’s further fish to fry, and all of these things in the kettle make for a weird little stew, and that is OK, for goodness sakes, for I am happy. Thankful. #MovingForward. Not trying to kill myself or feeling like that is the only option. Seriously, I thought that I was so defective and so miserable, and worst of all, that I might never learn a thing.

Let’s hear it for humanity and for our incredible spirits that can muster hope out of the hopeless, and change when it is necessary, to grow and to learn. On a good day, like today, life is the most precious and wonderful gift. I hope that all of you reading this are also feeling this way, and for you and for me, I believe.

Granted, we all have sad times, and monkeyminds and necessary vices, but I’ll keep mine at reading books while not working at anything, and have faith that all of my silence might lead to peace and quiet for my husband and my dog at least. That is what I can offer humanity, and that is of my personal peace of mind. My faith that there is hope for the hopeless.

Dear friends, thank you for bearing with me on this journey. I wish you all the very best, and faith whenever you might need it. Yes, horrible stuff might happen, but we are greater than that, as our spirits are blessed by just trying, and they can muddle through. For, as the song says, “Life is but a dream.”

#Dogs #Cats #People #Trust #Faith #Hope #Tomorrow #Gratitude

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