Good Books!

Dear Friends, if you must know, sometimes I read science fiction and it renews in me hope for the future and space travel and all of thoose things. Recently I read a duology by the author Sue Burke, and these two books, Semiosis and Interference, rocked my interior intellectual world. Not only did these concern space travel, but also interplanetary colonization and the politics of interacting with life forms other than human, as well as with other humans. This is what made the duology so cool- because also importantly characterized in these volumes are PLANTS.

I cannot stand it when one gives a book review and tells the whole story over, so in this case I will just say, you should read these books. They were released in 2018 and 2019, so they are new and, in my mind, inspirational. My little plant babies by the window have new personalities in my imagination now, and I promise to keep them well.

The interconnectedness of all life is so beautiful to me, and I must thank Sue Burke for giving voice to this in such a lovely way. And the alien civilization portrayed ingeniously that learns how to live with the space traveler colonists, who end up helping them, too, are so tenderly described that I want to hug everyone and to jump in my space ship!

Actually, my husband and I just wandered out into the exterior world, apart from our home, and went to a drive-thru for dinner, after having bought cupcakes from our friend who is a small business owner in these uncertain times. Maybe it was not the healthiest excursion, but I am so looking forward to settling in and thinking about the future.

Because what does the future hold except expansion, and I hope that we can all find a way to keep living together peaceably on this beautiful planet, or in space. We do learn in these books that not everyone has everybody’s self-interests in mind except their own, and I guess this is why we just always hope for the best. For all involved on a good day, really this just may be the best we can do.

Thank you for reading, dear friends. I hope that you check these books out. They do have some challenging parts to read emotionally, but most of the stories shared are intriguing. There are many fine characters to enjoy, and new thought is always part of a good day.

#Space #Peace #Pax #Cupcakes #Reading #Future #Environment #Ecology #Love

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