That dog!

Not only is she jealous, but she does feel as if she has to protect my husband from me, because you know, I like to sit next to him sometimes. It makes our family dynamic strange at times. She growls at me if I try to get near “her” man at all. I tell her about how we got married in a church for real, but she doesn’t understand English. It’s all very complicated.

She’s letting us cook dinner right now. I’m pretty excited because we have fresh okra that we are roasting in the oven, and it’s going to be so good. If I were a real Southern girl, I would have fried it, like how my Mom does and my grandmother used to do, but the best I can do is roast it. The jury is out on better health qualities, but I guess roasting on a tray with olive oil might be better for me than deep-frying in peanut oil. But that would have been so good; I just don’t have the skill.

My life of being an okra girl has been one of enjoying fried okra whenever it’s made available to me. My grandmother’s is still the best, although Mom’s is jam-up, too. They use cornmeal instead of wheat flour, and this is my favorite. You can’t do anything wrong with cornmeal. I guess not. I’m a terrible cook.

Also we will eat some fish, baked, not fried. Yum, yum, but who doesn’t love fried fish? I hear that’s what the pilgrims ate, back in the old-timey days. Actually we should all have a collective fish-fry, or in our case, bake-off, as we get over the unfortunate circumstances of our day. I hope everybody stays healthy and well. We got new, washable masks at our house, simple and elegant.

Please have a blessed rest of your weekend, and be safe from your house-pets!

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3 thoughts on “That dog!

    1. Thank you! I wish that you could meet our dog- she’s a character. I always enjoy your stories, too! Thanks for being in touch today, and please keep well. Probably the fish will help? I hope so. Take care!

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      1. Ah yes, even I wish I could meet your wonderful dog someday! Umm, hopefully the fish will help us stay strong against the virus 😀
        Thank you so much, for loving my stories, and yes, trying my best to take care! Wishing the same for you too 🙂

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