Jealous Dog

My husband and I barely get to give each other kisses anymore, because of our jealous dog. Every single time we try to kiss or hug or even hold hands, that dog is right up on us, with her doggie kisses to overpower us both. She is obviously jealous of each of us, and probably does not even know who she loves the most, but she knows she’s the dog with the most love to give in our home. She is so cute that all of this is tolerable, and she does always win any sort of kiss battle.

Right now we’re spending the afternoon sheltering in place, and my husband is holding the dog in his recliner as I relate this ridiculous story to you. I wish I could adequately describe the drama of our relationship, the three of us, and thank goodness our cat stays outside. In any case, I’ve never seen anything like our jealous dog, but I love her like she is my very own baby, which she kind of is.

Of course, upon returning home after lunch, we discovered that she had puked on the towel on the loveseat, but at least I have learned the towel trick. Maybe if she wouldn’t beg for food while we are at the table eating (I know, bad manners) and maybe if we were not so overtaken by this cherished animal we would not give her people food to unsettle her stomach.

Wait, did I call her an animal? I meant our baby. Furry little person who stands on her hind legs to beg for food, and to her, food means love. We love her so much we hardly deny her the privilige. She’s a very good, if not jealous, girl, and we love her.

I think I may have already written a story of our dog with the same title on here previously. Please forgive me if so, and remember that I honestly can’t remember.

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3 thoughts on “Jealous Dog

  1. It was wonderful to read this story. How cute your little baby dog is. That jealousy just made my day. How wonderful to have such a loving baby at home. I wish to have one too for myself.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. 🙂

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