On This Day

Today a fair amount of events have occurred, most of which I’m not really a part, but I am now, just by being here. It’s good to know of what is and what has been going on in the world, but it’s very important also to separate oneself out of it, as likely most of us feel. It’s a blessing that we can have a quiet mind where we can find again what is good and true.

My dog apparently does not have a quiet mind or quiet bark, as she looks out the window like a crazy dog, making noise. Sometimes I feel like I am like my dog, barking or carrying on as if anyone cares, but most likely as no one is even listening.

I choose not to carry on with any sort of conspiracy theories or intrusive diatribe making, and this is largely because I have found my quiet place inside, and stay there most of the time. My personal mental health is like wearing a brain mask, and I really hope more folks pick up on this as the exterior world has effectively gone mad.

I’m thinking of this because my husband and I received today our face masks for going out into the presumably infected world, where we ourselves might be the infected ones who need to breathe into the masks. In any case, being more alone has been great, but I miss stuff, and I’m kind of like my dog right now, barking at the air for no reason. Hence this blog, and thank you for reading. I guess we are all alone in this life, together.

#Peace #Masks #Brain #Health #Contact #Love

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