The Gift of Not!

My plan for today seriously was that I’d give blood and post about it on Facebook, so all my friends would know that I’m okay and be glad. After much hardship, I preregistered for the donation, and even though my husband would not drive me, I drove myself to the site and was ready, on time.

In the blood drive van, I completed the screening, answered questions on a tablet, and all was well until I explained about my MS and the recent infusions. Yes, friends, I got turned away. Nobody wanted my blood this day, although I can go out and pursue donation in my locality, in either 2 months, or two years. I was so disappointed not to be able to give the blood that I’ve been working so hard to give, that I wasn’t listening carefully enough to remember what the blood professional told me about future donation. At least I do know now that my current medication is okay for the efforts, and I know now which MS medicine I probably do not want to take in any possible future.

I did learn that supplementing my iron does make me feel a whole lot better, so I’ll keep up with that, until probably I run out of the potion that’s healing me. In the future, though, I ought to have a really excellent built up bit of blood for my new best friend that I’ll most likely never meet. I’ve actually wanted things as desperately in the past that have not followed through, but this particular disappointment did really sting, because I believed so much that I had something to offer the very grand universe of biology and chemistry and life-saving protocol. But I failed, even though I will try again, with even more effort in the future.

My husband and I made a list of things to do tomorrow. I will take a used sharps container to the post office, sponsored by my excellent and thoughtful MS medicine company, that does actually recycle the used sharps into building materials. I really believe in this, and will be so disappointed if I ever find out that those things really aren’t getting recycled into such a life-affirming commodity.

In this modern world, I got a T-shirt for showing up, so I’ll certainly advertise the blood center that inadvertently turned me away. I did wish them the best of luck, and the great collection of much good blood. The future is here and now, and we all should be following these missions. I accept the directive, Captain, and will do my part.

#Future #Blood #Drive #Energy #Sun #Space

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