May for Mental Health

Because May is Mental Health Month, perhaps I should dive deep into my mental health past again, even though I really don’t like to go there, but for you, brave mental health witnesses, here I go.

First, please just let me say that I take my meds. I feel a lot better when I do. It may not be the healthiest practice for the rest of my body (belly), but it does keep my thoughts in my head. That was my problem mostly, thought broadcasting, and it does come back when I don’t take my medicine. I get so tired of the natural cure folks who encourage you to get off your psych meds and take vitamin supplements or whatever, because that path conclusively just leads to having to get back on the psych meds again, after having lost lots of weight and feeling fine and quite well and on top of one’s game. It’s not cool to play those tricks on folks, but I do think people can go the vitamin path and like procreate in a more healthful way than with the meds, but me, I’m just going to not have kids and let it go. I’m too old for that anymore anyway.

Thought broadcasting is a really horrible symptom that I hope none of you experience, but if you do, everybody always assures me that no one can actually hear what anyone else is thinking. I’ve never heard anyone else’s thoughts. Now you’ve got your weird spiritualists that may assert that they can hear psychic wavelengths or some such, but I choose not to believe in that, thank you.

Having lived with all of this the whole time that I’ve been an adult, like over twenty-five or so years past my adolescence, I’m proud to say that I take my meds, hold a job, have friends, a husband, and 2 pets that are my world. I worked really hard for this, and hopefully will have more to say about getting better as the days go on. It’s true that some never get over the mental illness, which is heart breaking, and the meds don’t always work the best for everyone anyway. Since I also have MS, at least I can blame it on that when I don’t feel like talking about my schizoaffective disorder, which doesn’t always work in polite company. It’s a shame, because I think humanity could do well to support its struggling members with a little bit of easing up on the mental illness stigma. Thankfully I have seen that diminish somewhat in my lifetime, and trust that things will get better as the days go on and treatments get even better.

Thankfully, my mental illness has given me a faith in God that might not have been the same without the sickness, as I have seen all that He has done to heal me. It’s fascinating to see how an adversary might mess with a person with a symptom like thought broadcasting, because all the adversary would have to do is fill a person’s head with all of those horrible, wicked thoughts that unenlightened people have, that you can hear 24-7 on TV and radio. Set yourself free, friends, please don’t listen to all that mess.

My message for today is that, yes, it is possible to heal and fill one’s mind with goodness again, after a period of destitution. Human beings are good creatures that can be reformed and healed, and what did it for me was to become born again. My faith in Jesus Christ took away my suffering, with the help of the tool of medicine to ease a weary mind. I try to eat right and exercise, too, and do what I need to do to be able to continue that. It’s not always easy, but seeing an improvement gives me the hope I need to move on. Now to do great things, like go read a book or take a nap. I would go to the gym were it not for the germs, Lord help.

The lesson for the day is that we ought to heal after we have been sick, and I pray that none of us get sick and stay that way forever. Forever I’m going to follow my Saviour, who set me free. Wishing you all good mental health, and a light upon your path.

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One thought on “May for Mental Health

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree that we have made progress on the mental illness stigma, but there is still work to do to eliminate the stigma. I still encounter it even today. I share your prayer for healing. Blessings.

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