My Plan for Tomorrow

Working from home today was the best, and I came up with many fine ideas to save the world through my acts of service and mask-wearing hopefulness. Actually, learning more about how to do the work that I do, and to do it well is very inspiring, so I pray the world gets back to sort of normal again. In the meantime, I do pray for all of us getting through this together.

My plan, though! It is so very awesome, and i hope that it works. My church is hosting a blood drive tomorrow, so I hope to contribute some of my medicated soup. While my life’s motto, just may be my blood type, Be Negative, I hope that my contribution of Interferon and antidepressant, anti-psychotic medicated blood brew might be useful for someone, as much as it has helped me to learn to be positive during this treacherous time.

I’ve been preparing for this since I heard the news! While my tendency is to run anemic, I’ve been taking Floradix iron and herbal supplement potion to be strong enough for the blood-drive incentive. Honestly, having neglected this practice out of sheer laziness has renewed in me a confidence for living that is just as good as having red blood at all. Oh, you should totally look up the story of why and how our blood is red, as it is a fascinating chemistry and pigment miracle of human life. I would tell you the story, but I don’t think I’m smart enough to communicate it. It’s all about the molecules.

So yes, tomorrow I give it up for some other pessimistic soul in need of extra blood for recovery. I pray that we all recover, and that we all walk in good health with the confidence of faith in our human nature and community support.

#Community #Blood #Clean-Livin’ #Hope #Healing

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