While these are the days to be kind and nice, sometimes an event even more exceptionally notable occurs, and this today was the action of, quite literally, our neighbor. Because my husband has had recent surgery, our lawn was getting a little disseheveled, in the recovery time. (I don’t know how to mow.) A couple of weeks ago, we had found someone to mow the lawn for a reasonable price, but this weekend, we were out of luck.

Rather, we were soon in luck! Our neighbor, that I don’t even really know myself, but my husband does, well, he came over and sheepishly asked my husband if we wouldn’t mind if he went over the front lawn with his mower. How amazing and graceful! Of course my husband would not mind, and I felt so blessed that I said a prayer and called my Mom. How kind, and incredibly thoughtful, and what if this is now the new normal and that life on Earth shall be so much kinder and gentler with the hospitality in abundance?

I hope that living life like this will carry on, and that we humans might learn to coexist humanely on this fragile planet that is so beautiful this time of year. How can we not learn to live like this forever, and give up our foolishness and pride for the sake of kindness to our neighbor. It would be a simple and kind way of life, and I’m on board for it. My next step is to wear a face mask tomorrow, go to the grocery, buy supplies and bake three loaves of banana bread. The first shall be for my new lawn-mowing friend, the second shall be for the new family across the street, and the third shall be for my husband and me, to cherish the gifts of this simple life that we share. If you are living life too hard, please just take it easy, my friends. The pandemic is a lesson for us to learn how to live, and how to apply our lessons in good faith.

#peace #hope #faith #love #neighbor #strong #courageous

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