In this day and age of disinfectant, one must wonder about all of the borrowed and reclaimed things. I want to donate some old clothes, but I can’t, and I’m holding on to about one million library books, while not accruing fines because of the global pandemic. I want to go out and play, but I’ve got to stay in and wash my hands again, wipe down some books.

Will we ever be able to make all of this clean enough again? Is this a message from our parental deity, to be good? I hope that we make it through this, and right now I’m super-excited because my husband and I ordered some masks. That is what makes me happy right now.

In the mean time, will we travel to the moon? I hear we’ll be building some craft, and if it is not just the most optimistic thing to imagine space travel. Then again, perhaps it must have been something to ride on a boat in the old-timey days, but look out when it comes to cruise ships in the current germ-laden climate. None of these things are good for my mental health, and working at home does help with the super-cleansing way of life, but the anxiety along with the webinars is wearing me out.

I will never be clean enough, but I pray that my germs will not bother your germs thanks to the Internet. Every cough terrifies my heart, so it’s too bad it’s the season of springtime for sneezing. My mother is convinced that none of us are getting enough oxygen with our masks on, and it all is terrifying when one thinks about it.

Back to prayer and positive energy, well-wishes and hopeful travels, and there has got to be more singing to see us through this. Thankfully I do actually believe in prayer, and trust that if God sees me like how I see my pets, we should all be okay. It is a good world, and we have the technology. Soap will see us through, I hope.

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